Shakespeare's Landlord 

I’ve written and rewritten this post half a dozen times, trying to find the perfect match between showing my enthusiasm (I have a lot of it) while also conveying information. Here we go:  

Very excited to announce my involvement in a cool project! One More Story Games is a local game studio, currently developing a game based off of #1 NYT best selling author Charlaine Harris (HBO’s True Blood, NBC’s Midnight TX) novel “Shakepeare’s Landlord.” CEO Jean Leggett reached out to me about needing a song for the outro of the game. After reading notes on the story I sat down and wrote out a song called “Peace,” then drove down to Toronto’s Kobo Headquarters to play it for Jean, Charlaine, the rest of the Lily Bard team and others who were there to see the demo of the game.  

Not sure about release date yet, but I am very excited and honoured to be a part of this project. Thank you One More Story Games! 

(attached lyrics by me, art by OMSG)